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Land Letting

  • Posted On: 11 January 2017
  • Author: Dalegarth
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Land Letting

One local tradition, possibly unique in nature, concerns the annual auction for rental of the 'Poor Pasture' linked with Hubberholme Church.  After a brief service, participants trek across the bridge to The George Inn where the Auction takes place.  A candle is lit on the bar and bidding commences; the bid standing when the candle goes out secures use of the land until the end of the year.
Why 'Poor Pasture?  The money raised from the Auction goes towards the support of the poor and the poorly of the parish, in times of need.
As we write, the first village snow flakes of winter have drifted past our windows - the promise of an unsettled period to come (hopefully, only for a brief time).  Fortunately, the village is on a bus route and therefore a priority road for snow clearance.  Having lived here for 37 years, we can report a total of two 'half day' road closures in separate years.
As proof that snow fall has been minimal to date, we are grateful to recent Guests, Gary and Gemma, who provided the attached pictures of their conquest of Buckden Pike during their recent Christmas holidays.

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