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Welcome to Spring

  • Posted On: 1 March 2017
  • Author: Dalegarth
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Welcome to Spring

Spring has arrived in Upper Wharfedale - but still we have snow on the hill tops.

As we drove to Skipton yesterday, each field seemed to offer a different view of local wildlife.  Oystercatchers have returned from the coast; Lapwings were swooping and there were rabbits in abundance. To this list we should include partridge, grouse and heron.

'Pheasie' (who has adopted 'Dalegarth' and has trained us to feed him from a kitchen spoon) is collecting wives and showing them 'his' garden.

The dawn chorus is intensifying and snowdrops are giving way to daffodils.
If you know Harrogate,The Stray looks magnificent with its display of crocuses.

Lambs are already in evidence lower down the Dale, towards Skipton; our local farmers are preparing for their crop a little later in the season.

Here, Guests are arriving and there is a really positive feeling about life - even politics has been set aside as folks unwind and absorb the blossoming of Spring in the Dales.

Buckden has hosted a 'Star Party' recently and we continue to receive advice on imminent sightings of the Aurora Borealis - sadly the cloud levels haven't cooperated, but we continue to watch in the hope that our 'Dark Sky' status will live up to its reputation.

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